Welcome Ben McPhee to the Fantasy Team is one of the fastest growing MMA Fantasy sites and would like to welcome Ben McPhee to the team. Ben has an excellent background in writing, poems, screenplays etc. He has just recently started using his MMA talent and knowledge to write articles helping us promote the site. He also writes rticles about MMA from fight news, to fight breakdowns/predictions to news. We started a blog for our newest team member Ben wrote an awesome article about the growing trend meeting the evolution. is a MMA fantasy site based out of Canada that gives the player a free range as there are no teams like a lot of the other MMA fantasy sites out there right now. It is one of the fastest growing fanatsy sites with over 250 members already. has everything for every player from playing for bragging rights, pride or coming soon to Canada are Money Pools where memebers can play for money. The US Money Pools won't be that far behind.

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